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Therapy for the motivated individual

Turn your weakness into your greatest strength.


/əˈst(y)o͞ot/ Adjective, having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one's advantage.

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Some synonyms for the word astute are sharp, clever, insightful, intuitive, crafty, calculating, and wise.  I decided to name my practice after this word because I think it describes the journey we experience when trying to make meaningful change in therapy.  

When we have a problem we decided to seek therapy for, we certainly don't feel sharp, clever, or insightful in the moment.  When working with a well-matched therapist, motivated individuals can quickly start to feel that way as they learn to better understand their mind through the work.

In therapy, you can learn to be crafty in the way you alter your negative thinking patterns and calculating in the way you approach situations that have triggered you in the past.  In doing this work we can quite literally turn your weaknesses into strengths as you develop a deeper insight into how your thoughts and feelings are affecting you as you move through life.   

I offer practical, solution-focused interventions for motivated individuals of all ages.  I especially enjoy working with adolescents, teens, and young adults.  You don’t need to know exactly where you want to be to benefit from therapy, only that you’re ready to move on from wherever you are.  Contact me and we'll work together to help you reach that Astute Mind.

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